28 June 2010

STOP the hatred war in the social networking site

Lately, I feel very worried by unscrupulous users of Facebook who already out of the spirit of Facebook motto namely "Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life". Some of Facebook users who use this site only for uploading pornographic images and shared it using private setting to certain people (not shared to everyone) and the other using it for spreading the hatred feelings, like a Facebook Group calling for Obama's death.

Although a very controversial Pages on Facebook namely "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" which it created by Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris has been closed by Facebook after receiving protests from various parties including protests from the Indonesian government, the most recent controversy is the two opposing group on Facebook who mocked each other namely: "Everybody Draw Mohammed day (Indonesian version)" and the other one is "Everybody Draw Jesus day (Indonesian version)". As I observed on its language it seemed the both pages was created by Indonesian users. I saw it was clear that the hatred feelings on both pages still raging and releasing fracas on Facebook. Below is the images of both pages that I captured yesterday and all the harsh words has been crossed out in red before I use it in this post.

I'm aware that Facebook's administrator also difficult to control all of its user one-by-one so through this post I called out to all readers to make an effort to stop each page containing the hatred and insulting on other religions. Report it to Facebook or post this calls on your own blog and encourage your reader to do the same effort. Very hopefully in the future you cannot access the both pages above. It's meant has been closed by Facebook. Yes, that's my goal.

As a response to a controversial group on Facebook entitled "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day", then on May 2010, a Muslim-oriented social networking website called MillatFacebook has been launched by IT expert from Lahore, Pakistan (read here). As I visited their website, I can feel their strong aura to compete with Facebook (created by Mark Zukerberg). To dig more deeply, it's interesting to read an interview between a writer of Hindustan Times's blog and Omer Zaheer Meer (CEO of Global IT Vision Ltd, the company that launched Millatfacebook). On the first paragraph the writer said: "....But even after more than a dozen telephone calls, emails and one story later, I can’t say with confidence whether I’ve understood the man or his motives". Click here to read their interview. Seems he get the right moment for launching.

It's very sad if the spirit of "connect and share with the people in your life" turned into a virtual battlefield. How according to you?

== Post Update ==
Thanks to Neil by showing this post to his blog's reader. I strongly agree with what Jim said in his post that "we don't have absolute freedom of speech".

There is still a part of our society are not well educated at the same level to understand and filtering the things with the same way. I believe that still many people, especially in developing countries, are easily provoked. That's why I encourage readers to help by reporting such pages to Facebook. Login to your Facebook account, then visit the both URL that written right below the two images above.  Just click a link "Report page" at the bottom left of the page, chose the reason and click submit. Thank you !