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Alexander, New Born and The Miracle In The Womb

With happiness and cheerful I'm create this post because on Thursday 11 June 2009 at 10:20 pm, I have a male baby Alexander. Born with weight 3 Kg and height 50 Cm. There are no words that can describe how happy I am with the whole family. My brother's wife, Lidya, tell me a site "Baby Names" to find out what is the meaning of the name "Alexander" and I find its meaning is: Defender of the people. A great name right?

Do you know of what I think when I see the birth of my baby? Have you ever imagine when you are in the womb? In there, a miracle was happened from an embryo become a perfect human, and live. Yes, the life itself. Truthfully in mother's womb... God has showed His greatness to human being. Amen!

Human embryoAlexander


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! cute baby boy. Yes Alexander is the defender of the people like Alexander the Great. God bless your family always!

  2. Congratulations. Wonderful news.

  3. Rossel,
    Thank you very much. May God bless your family too.

  4. Jim Belshaw,
    Thank you very much.
    A male baby that I hope can protect his sister at the time their both parent has gone.

  5. beutiful name..many big person with that name, i hope him 2

  6. Congratulations Tikno. Great news and great name that you have chosen for the boy. My blessings and best wishes to the boy,and his parents and all other members of the family.


  8. To Mata Hati, Rummuser, TT Tan, & Gabrielle Eden,
    Thank you very much.

    Feli (my wife), Ely and Alexander (my child), they are my biggest wealth.

  9. selamat yah pak atas bertambahnya anggota baru. pantesan... blognya jarang di-update....hehehhee..sibuk yah mempersiapkan kehadiran Alex!? selamat bergadang yah pak!

  10. Conrgatulations, Tikno and Feli.

    Selamat atas kelahiran anak lelaki anda.

    (Hope that's right!)

  11. Congratulations.

    He looks like a great baby boy - and with imposing weight and length.

    From experience I know the birth of one's child is the absolute high of one's life. And of course it's the start of a huge responsibility.

    Wish the three of you a perfectly happy family life.

  12. congrats...namanya bagus banget.

  13. Yenni yendoel,
    Terimakasih. Iya sekarang saya jadi satpam malam. Ha... ha...

    Thank you very much. Your sentence in Indonesian language is perfect.
    Neil, how is my English? Feel free to review, and I like to know it from a teacher like you.

    Very huge... especially to educate them, ha.. ha... Thank you very much.

    Sang Cerpenis,
    Thank you very much.

  14. Anonymous16 June, 2009

    Congratulation...what's a wonderfull thing to have a baby boy...siap2 ya pak..btw thanks ya udah mampir ke blog ku salam kenal

  15. Punya anak laki2 butuh extra tenaga dan hati lho pak...

  16. Congratulations Love Ely! Now your family is complete with boy and a girl. Alexander is a lovely name!

  17. Anonymous,
    Terimakasih. Siap-siap apa?

    Iya, ekstra tenaga dan juga waktu begadang.

    And now is a great happiness. Thank you.

  18. amen to that. miracle of life.

  19. Congradulations on your new addition to your family... God bless all of you and you take care...

  20. Beautiful baby, beautiful family, congratulations brother, God bless you all.

    Deep peace and blessings.

  21. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Selamat ya Pak! smoga jd anak yg berbakti.. :)

  23. Wah, selamat ya Mas Tikno. Anak saya juga baru lahir tanggal 20 Mei yang lalu. Beratnya 3.9 panjangnya 50 cm he..he..

    Sekali lagi selamat ya Mas, semoga menjadi anak yang berbakti berguna bagi orang tua, keluarga, nusa dan bangsa.

    Salam buat Alex dan all family.

  24. Hi! Just want to greet you Happy Father's Day!

    Yes an advance greeting for we'll be out on Sunday to celebrate Father's Day.

    God bless!

  25. congratulation for new baby, may he will bring happiness for your family, my best regard to your wife..congrats

  26. Thank you very much to:
    JK, Haver, Yaya, Chrysanti

    Hello Senno, saya ucapkan selamat juga buat Anda. Bayi Anda lebih berat 0.9 Kg dari bayi saya. Berarti lebih gemuk lho...

    Thank you Rossel. May I take a rest for a day to celebrating Father's Day? Ha...ha...

    Thank you Mama Hilda. I read your post about how to set the sleeping schedule for a baby. Very interesting!

    Wow, you & family must now be very happy for a healthy beautiful baby Alexander.. :)

  28. Thank you very much SandyCarlson and Nadia Febina

  29. Hi Tikno, Happy father's day! I have something for you here. Enjoy your day!

  30. Awww beautiful :)

    Well done.

  31. Chubskulit,
    Thank you very much. Also Happy Father's Day to your husband.


    The Black Hole,
    Thank you, and welcome from Sweden

  32. hello E-Ly..nice to come by here.. and congrats on the cute baby boy of yours.. .
    I have added u up in my blog..
    hope u can do the same...
    do keep in touch...

  33. Reanaclaire,
    Thank you very much.

  34. Congratulations. baby Alexander is so cute. A very nice name too.

  35. Amrita,
    Thank you. Ely & Alexander are my biggest wealth.

  36. congrats yah! what a beautiful baby boy

  37. Oke Poet, thank you.

  38. dear mr. tikno..your sister-in-law is right.
    it is good to go to the "baby names" site and find the meanings. truly little alexander has a good meaning to his name.
    i tried a while back to find the the meaning of ely as a girl's name but i couldn't find it anywhere!
    this new little son of yours is a wonder to behold.
    i can see your happiness in the photos here mr. tikno and also the wonder in your little girl's face and the joy of alexanders mama!
    take care....from terry

  39. Dear Terry,
    I felt like a miracle from a birth.
    For the name Ely, I read from a local book titled "Nama Bayi" (in Indonesian language). If translated in English become "Baby's Name". Its meaning is be a person whose have achievement.
    Thank you so much for your comment, Terry. May God bless you and your family.

  40. congrats on yr new born baby boy. May he grow up with God's bountilful blessings

  41. Johnny Ong - Thanks.

  42. are a fortunate and blessed to have a wonderful and adorable child. God bless you and your family.


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