10 September 2008

Unwritten Law

Two days ago i experience an accident on the road. A mother by taking her child by a motorcycle suddenly crash with my car. They fall beside of the car tire, crying & shout out for help. Several people around us, including me, immediately help them. In fact the mother's wound was not serious, only a little scratch on arm and her child is fine. Her motorcycles has a little crack at splaschguard part. Several people around us asking me to "yield" (wow... although I'm on the true position and on the right side). They said, "Who bigger should yield to the small". Their intentions is who own the car should yield against who own the motorcycle. "What the crazy? Her motorcycle that hit my car, not me to her", i said with mumble in my heart. By rational i struggle. Here, i often found irrational opinion on several case of the road accident if crashes to an pedestrians. If you who drives the vehicle (car or motorcycle) then you who must be responsible anyway, even if you are true. But... finally, because of the feeling of humanity and pity, also apparently they the person who had difficulty, i give her some money for medical treatment and for repair her motorcycle. This decision is come from my heart and i termed the UNWRITTEN LAW. I don't know whether an corruptor who was immune to the law can be said a phenomenon from the "Unwriten Law" too (ha... ha... I laugh with the face frown).

From the experience above i feel that actually human live in the equilibrium of between logic (law) and sense (humanism), between yes/no and wisdom, goodness and badness, positive and negative. Sophisticated technology of computer and internet also from the combination of the electricity signal ON/OFF. With more musing, in fact human were formed from the soul and body. End of word, everything definitely have it pro and con, and that always accompanied the life of humankind.


  1. hi..sorry to hear that.. my fren had a similar accident with yours.. the motorcylist banged her car but the police still insisted that my fren was wrong..she should see the eventually , she has to pay for summon.. as u said, unwritten law...

  2. this is so true...eventually when things like this happens, the unwritten law will always sets in...
    glad there's no serious injuries especially to you.
    have a good day! will add you on my blogroll.thanks fro dropping by my page.

  3. Dear Love Ely,

    Thank goodness no one was hurt.

    It is silly that anyone should think the larger vehicle MUST give way to the motorcycle, regardless of who had the right-of-way.

    Many years ago, I rode motorcycles with my husband, and my son still rides one today.

    One of the first things we learned was that motorcycles can be "invisible" to drivers, because they are concentrating on cars.

    The responsibility for vigilance is on the motorcycle rider.

    Too many people are now riding motorcycles without proper training (probably to save gasoline) and the number of accidents will increase because of this lack of preparedness.

    Why did this woman have a child on the motorcycle? My goodness!

    I'm glad no one was hurt, but you need to be certain that you get legal defense so that public sentiment does not cause a miscarriage of justice.

    Wishing you the best!

  4. sorry to hear that and yes often the person with the vehicle is blamed by the people because they don't know how to rationalize things sometimes.most of the time the people who don't obey the traffic rules cause the accidents.then they are the ones who cry and fight back easily.hmmm.. so sad really :c let's just pray and ask for God's protection always to be with us as we drive around c: hope your fine now c:

  5. Hi Love Ely

    It was interesting to hear how you followed your heart and chose to pay her even though she was in the wrong. Many things are not a case of "black and white", are they!

  6. MY goodness, what in the world that mother is thinking? She should ride with a child in a motorcycle, that is too dangerous... Good thing, o one got really hurt. Just be very careful next time!

  7. Dear Reanaclaire
    Hope your friend is fine. I think maybe your friend live in the society which it has the same phenomenon (rather sentimental). This is another story about "unwritten law" from you. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your attention.

    Dear Lovely_ph
    Thank you for sharing here and thank you for adding me. It's my honor that it given by you.

    Dear Brennan Kingsland
    Oh... same here, many motorcycle too and its rider no proper training for how to ride with safe. About the woman that have a child on the motorcycle, I think maybe that is the only vehicle she have. And about get legal defense against public's sentiment? Hmm... here i live in the society whose people rather sensitive and sentimental. Of course the law must be obey, but at that time i feel pity to her.

    Dear Iceah
    That was same with my experience. Yes.. like you said, sometime people don't know how to rationalize something, only sentimental feelings against compassion.

    Dear Robin
    Yes... sometimes we standing between the desire of thought and feelings to making a decision. And as you said not only about "black or white". Nice words from you.

    Dear Ckulit
    Thank you for your kind words. I'll be careful next time.

  8. This is called the hierarchy of the have-nots. The pedestrian will support the pedestrian against a bicycle. The bicyclist will support the bicyclist against a motorcyclist. The motorcyclist will support a motorcyclist against an automobile. If there is only one automobile, they will all gang up and be against the automobile.

    Tough luck my friend. Next time, perhaps you should either run or be careful when you encounter lady drivers!

  9. Dear Rummuser
    First time i hear this beautiful thought and thanks for sharing here. And sure... ha...ha... i will more careful if face to face to a lady driver.

  10. Hola, muchas gracias por tu comentario, sabes pienso que continúamente suceden estos pequeños accidentes de tráficos, pero no todas las personas actuan de la manera en que tu lo hiciste.Muchas felicidades y que agradable es conocer a personas con un corazón como el tuyo, te envió un saludo.

  11. Dear Zaira
    Thank you very much. I think that is my unlucky day.

  12. Hi,thanks for droppin' in.
    Greetings from Lisbon.

  13. Hi... Carlos, thank you for coming.

  14. Thank you Tikno for visiting my blog. I thought i would do the same and visit yours. I can tell that you have a very loving heart. I am thnkful there were no bad injuries in the accident..

  15. Dear Tamela,
    Thank you and welcome to my blog.

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