27 September 2008

Abuse of The Indonesian Migrant Worker

I often heard the tragic story of the Indonesian female migrant worker who worked overseas. Not only Indonesia, there are also many migrant worker from the other developing country. In Indonesia, female manpower that was sent to overseas was known as TKW (abbreviation of Tenaga Kerja Wanita). However the term of TKW was often connoted with the servant or maid or the blue-collar worker.

Apparently they were in the weak position, perhaps because of a woman, because of many tragic and sad incidents that were experienced by them, that is:
  • Salary was reduced and even not be paid by their employer.
  • Illegal levy by the person who was not responsible or tricked by the illegal TKW agency.
  • Receive the salary that below the standard payment in the country where they worked.
  • Sexual insulting or be raped until pregnant.
  • Received the torturing, even there are those that became paralyzed or died, etc.
Everyone certainly wishing a better job. Then why they're willing to become TKW or the blue-collar worker? Some factors that became the cause were:
  • Low education.
  • Did not have special skills.
  • Narrow employment opportunities for them.
  • The burden of the family's cost.
  • Interesting to the more higher salary that was offered.
Beside their tragic story, there were also many success stories and praise for them, that is:
  • They are also acknowledged as the "hero" of foreign exchange, because of the number of funds that was sent by them to Indonesia has achieved 14 digits for a year.
  • Many of them could buy a house or car, increased welfare of their family and could makes the neighbour become jealous.
  • There were those who lived appropriate because their company provided facilities, like a condominium with swimming pool and fitness center, good food, health care, etc.
  • Every month they could send money to family, for the cost of the child's school, buy new clothes, ate good foods, etc.
The effect for the family that a mother became a TKW overseas was: 1) The child quite few to receive the mother's affection. 2) The phenomenon of the husband who tended to do the affair because of be leaved by their wife for long time. My view towards the TKW problem was as follows:
  1. We must improve the quality of education so that they become skilled worker and got the more better job.
  2. Improve the system and mechanism of the sending of manpower to overseas.
  3. The illegal TKW agency must be caught and brought to the court.
  4. They're not a robot, they're human who also have dignity.
  5. They (TKW) do the fighting for their family's life, for the future of their children, SO... I SAID THEY (TKW) MUCH BETTER THAN SCHOLAR PEOPLE WHO JUST UNEMPLOYED, LAZY AND DO NOTHING.
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17 September 2008

Cause and effect - an musing

Why i write this post...?? Because i see a lot of enmity actions, ugly debate, until the human tragedy that is the attack on the twin tower of World Trade Center (often referred to as WTC 9/11). Also flood disaster in China, India, United States, Indonesia and other countries. There were many horrifying incidents throughout the history of human life until today. What the wrong? Okay... okaaay, you can says that is the foolish question, but...

Here, i write several happening which i worry about. According to you whether it is true the cause and effect below:
  1. Global warming -- Gas emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). I ever heard a joke: Too many human cause human body also produces warm. Feel in a room (3x4 M) with 1 person and 10 person ( only a joke).
  2. Flood & landslide -- Random dig of the forest.
  3. Conflict, war, terrorism -- egoism, claim on the truth. Pssst... I rarely heard the claim on the mistake (he..he..).
  4. Racialism -- Superior feelings and under estimate to others.
  5. hmm... please help me for the next & for sharing.
The Old Testament that i like very much:
A mother who afraid to swim will immediately jump into the pond in order to rescue her child who be under water
A dog that already pushed in a corner, if continuing to be pressed will turn to oppose you
Body could be controlled but NOT to the heart

End of words, anything that will be made, think first about its result, whether will disrupt an equilibrium or not. For example: equilibrium of politic (equality), equilibrium of spiritual, equilibrium of nature (etc. help me for the next, please). I know my post here was imperfect because i only the ordinary man. Feel free to review and correction. -- LOVE YOU --

Inspired source: Global Warming - International Archives of 9/11 - Union of Concerned Scientists - Federal Emergency Management Agency - Global Warming International Center - Carbon dioxide, global warming and you

10 September 2008

Unwritten Law

Two days ago i experience an accident on the road. A mother by taking her child by a motorcycle suddenly crash with my car. They fall beside of the car tire, crying & shout out for help. Several people around us, including me, immediately help them. In fact the mother's wound was not serious, only a little scratch on arm and her child is fine. Her motorcycles has a little crack at splaschguard part. Several people around us asking me to "yield" (wow... although I'm on the true position and on the right side). They said, "Who bigger should yield to the small". Their intentions is who own the car should yield against who own the motorcycle. "What the crazy? Her motorcycle that hit my car, not me to her", i said with mumble in my heart. By rational i struggle. Here, i often found irrational opinion on several case of the road accident if crashes to an pedestrians. If you who drives the vehicle (car or motorcycle) then you who must be responsible anyway, even if you are true. But... finally, because of the feeling of humanity and pity, also apparently they the person who had difficulty, i give her some money for medical treatment and for repair her motorcycle. This decision is come from my heart and i termed the UNWRITTEN LAW. I don't know whether an corruptor who was immune to the law can be said a phenomenon from the "Unwriten Law" too (ha... ha... I laugh with the face frown).

From the experience above i feel that actually human live in the equilibrium of between logic (law) and sense (humanism), between yes/no and wisdom, goodness and badness, positive and negative. Sophisticated technology of computer and internet also from the combination of the electricity signal ON/OFF. With more musing, in fact human were formed from the soul and body. End of word, everything definitely have it pro and con, and that always accompanied the life of humankind.

07 September 2008

Thank You So Much

Since began blogging on July 15, 2008, i felt how beautiful it is to share the opinion with each other around the world. I could express my thoughts and also could read various information from the other person. Really beautiful. I posted this for all that gave the warm touch in my life.

I want to say thank you so much to:
1) Someone who buzzes one of my post on BuzzCritic site. BuzzCritic is a buzz aggregation service who's goal is to track what's buzzing around the interweb.
2) Tamora Hatton Tracy, to help voicing one of my post (an issue about the insurance against the orphanage children). Her site is concern to the issues about health care.
3) Faye Wattleton, the President of the Center for the Advancement of Women, for the warm touch by sending an email to me.
4) Gerri, for accepting & listing my blog on "The Best On Blogspot" with the poll for September 2008. If you love me please vote my blog there (at the category for best personal/Diary blog).
5) Jk/Nancy, by giving me the flower of Someone Special Online
6) Rose, by giving me the Awesome Site Award.
7) Pau-Pau, by giving me the Kind Blogger Award 2008.
8) Malou, by giving me the White Rose.
9) Edy Maryanto, by giving "Este Blog investe..." award.

And to all of my valuable reader that has given their comment on my post, also to all visitor. Without all of you, this blog is useless and no meaning and all the awards above also for you. I LOVE YOU ALL

01 September 2008

If One Why Different

On Sunday, August 31, 2008, i heard a debate from my friends about religion. Each person maintained the opinion that his religion was the most relevant in this century. Wow... like never ending story. Then i asked to each of them: how many God in this universe, according to you? For a moment they were silent, and then partly answered "ONLY ONE". A person among them wanted to debate my question, but i stayed persisting with my question. Then he also answered "ONLY ONE". Then i replied to them "If one, why we must be different and this is my BIG question to you all for debate"

Think about the Greenpeace organization. They cares to our earth, our grandchild's future and does not see about your nationality. Also about Mother Teresa from Calcutta-India. She really cared to the poor, no matter where they came from or what its nationality.

Love-Ely dreaming of ONE-DAY... NO VISA, NO PASSPORT, NO DIFFERENCE, NO POLITICAL INTRIGUE, NO WAR, because we are human who own this earth together. Why not? Like John Lennon said on his song Imagine: "...You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will be as one..."

And one matter more... human has exist before any religions emerged in this earth. The universe has exist before the human. And... God has exist far before the universe, human and any religions. Moreover, who is the owner of my soul, your soul, their soul, and all creatures in this world? If only ONE owner, then why we must be different? This is THE FUNDAMENTAL BROTHERHOOD OF HUMAN. The only problem was... did me ALONE?