10 September 2010

Condemns the Koran burning plan

Terry Jones, a pastor who leads a tiny church called "The Dove World Outreach Center" in Gainesville, Florida, U.S. plans to burn copies of Koran on September 11, 2010, as reported on New York Times with the title: A Bonfire in Danger of Spreading. The reason of this action is to commemorate the event of terrorist attacks on 9/11. Gosh, for me it's really a crazy plan. I warn you that your plan, if it really happened, will spreading the new tensions around the world and very possibly this event (burns the Quran) could be used by extremists as a justification to act further. I also condemn the creator of a Facebook page titled "International Burn A Koran Day" and urge the owner of Facebook to aware and immediately remove such page because the contents of this page just showing emotional debate, hatred and also stupid.

Any negative actions will produce another negative reactions as opposed to you. If we really want to give a small contribution for peace and harmony, at least at around you, I think the best way that we can do is to calm the opposite reaction using a very simple way called "restrain ourselves to react negatively". Indeed a little thing but it will create an extraordinary effect if more and more people realize it. Just think of it before you really want to burn Koran (Quran).

Through this post I appeal to all Muslims, especially in Indonesia, not to be provoked by the plan of a handful irresponsible people in a tiny church to burns Koran (Quran). Let's just say they're looking for popularity because their church did not grow (according to the news their member only about 2-3 dozen).

As I read at VIVAnews, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has even wrote to Obama to ask the U.S. government to stop these plan. "This will threaten the world peace", he said. "In his letter, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono wrote that, Indonesia and the U.S. has built the bridge for western world with Islam. If burning the Quran happened, all these efforts will be futile," said Presidential spokesman Teuku Faizasyah.

The U.S. government must take a clear action for the sake of their own interests and also the concerns of many people around the world. But I guessed that Terry Jones's action likely would be protected by the US constitution's right for the freedom of speech and the human rights. Oh my god, conflict with the freedom of speech and the human rights again? Ah... this prompted me to share my own principle with respect to both of these principles. About freedom of speech, I will says that we do not have absolute freedom of speech. And about human rights, I will says that please enjoy your human rights as long as not interfering the other human rights. Why? Because there is still a part of society who were not use the same approach (the same point of view) to understand and filtering the things with the same way as you are. So please use both of them wisely. Meanwhile, let's see what is really happened until the deadline.

Along with this post I want to say Happy Eid Ul Fitr 1431H to all Muslims. Please forgive any of my physical and emotional wrongdoings.