22 June 2009

Five things I am proud of

I am typing this post while accompanying my baby sleeping at night. Jim Belshaw from Personal Reflections site, as I read on his short profile is a manager, strategic consultant, freelance researcher and social commentator, has asked me to write about 5 things I am proud of. And below is my duty for Jim.

1) Become a father. I do not have a child during the first three-year marriage. Problem? maybe not in western but few bother here. In a relax chat people often ask "You have how much child?". While joke my best friend ever said "You not yet being a real father until you have a child". Hmm... an uncomfortable habit. But now I have Ely and Alexander. Maybe Jim or readers will be laughing at me for this one, ha... ha...
For fairness to Ely, I should takes her photos here like her brother Alexander at previous post, so that she does not jealous one day.

2) Not an unemployment. I will low-self if it happened.

3) Harmonious with my siblings. Care each other when in trouble. Of course I need harmony with other people but with own siblings is the fundamental thing.

4) My parents live with me. Yes, the Confucius philosophy has influencing my family.

5) My child successful in life. It is pride for me when seeing my child have an achievement at school and live more successful than their parents. Moreover if I can see my grandchild.

I also would like to say thank you to Ramana Rajgopaul from Ramana's Musings site for given me "One Lovely Blog Award". Lately I'm lack of sleep since Alexander was born but I'm happy that my duty for Jim and Ramana has been completed.

13 June 2009

Alexander, New Born and The Miracle In The Womb

With happiness and cheerful I'm create this post because on Thursday 11 June 2009 at 10:20 pm, I have a male baby Alex. Born with weight of 3 Kg & length 50 Cm. There are no words that can describe how happy I am with the whole family. Hopefully, the photos below able to describe of my beautiful moment.

My brother's wife, Lidya, tells me a site "Baby Names" to find out what is the meaning of the name "Alexander" and I find its meaning is: Defender Of The People.

Do you know of what I think when I see the birth of my baby? Have you ever imagine when you are in the womb? In there, a miracle was happened from an embryo become a perfect baby and LIVE. Yes, the life itself. TRUTHFULLY IN A MOTHER'S WOMB... GOD HAS SHOWED HIS GREATNESS TO HUMAN. AMEN!