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Five things I am proud of

I am typing this post while accompanying my baby sleeping at night. Jim Belshaw from Personal Reflections site, as I read on his short profile is a manager, strategic consultant, freelance researcher and social commentator, has asked me to write about 5 things I am proud of. And below is my duty for Jim.

1) Become a father. I do not have a child during the first three-year marriage. Problem? maybe not in western but few bother here. In a relax chat people often ask : "How many children do you have?". While joking, my best friend ever said "You're not yet being a real father until you have a child". Hmm... an uncomfortable question. But now I have Ely and Alexander. Maybe Jim or readers will be laughing at me for this one, ha... ha...

2) Not an unemployment. Really I will low-self if it happened.

3) Harmonious with my siblings. Care each other when in trouble. Of course I need harmony with other people but with own siblings is the fundamental thing.

4) My parents live with me. Yes, the Confucius philosophy has influencing my family.

5) My childs successful in life. It is pride for me when seeing my child have an achievement at school and live more successful than their parents. Moreover if I can see my grandchild.

Blog awardI also would like to say thank you to Ramana Rajgopaul from Ramana's Musings site for given me "One Lovely Blog Award". Lately I'm lack of sleep since Alexander was born but I'm happy that my duty for Jim and Ramana has completed.


  1. :D What beautiful children!

  2. Wow, Alexander has a got a great, awesome sister!

  3. Thank you very much to "my blog 4", Legal Eagle, and Colson.

  4. Hey there my friend hope all is well for you and yours... Take care..

  5. Tikno, you are the best there is. I salute you for the five things that you are proud of.

  6. inspiring... answer ur question..yups im organizer 4 many event

  7. you are very lucky and blessed.

  8. Yes those are the things you can be proud of. Thanks for the post. God bless.

  9. congratulations tikno! you are indeed a proud daddy now. a gift you'll forever cherish.

  10. Thank you very much to you all.

  11. I love your five clearly have sound values. It's am honor to know you. :)

  12. CheerfulMonk,
    Thank you. I'm still learning about the value from your inspirational posts.

  13. Semoga harapannya Mas TIkno tercapai.

    BTW harus nunggu 3 tahun? Ternyata kesabaran membuahkan hasil ya Mas Tikno, saya yakin ada perasaan yang berkecamuk selama menanti 3 tahun. Saya bersukur hanya menunggu sebulan setelah nikah, istri saya langsung positif hamil. Dan sekarang anakku sudah lahir sebulan yang lalu.

  14. Seno,
    Iya, apalagi masyarakat kita nggak lupa bertanya: "Sudah berapa anaknya?" Pusing juga sering ditanya begitu.

    Saya ucapkan selamat buat Mas Seno. Anda sudah menjadi "the real father" ha... ha...

  15. Lovely Child!
    Thank you for visiting my blog too!
    Take care and have a wonderful weekend with your family!

  16. Very adorable cute baby..
    I like you five things, very valuable..

  17. Aduh... cantik banget sih Ely...
    Thanks for visiting my blog ^ ^

  18. Off topic, just a quick visit...

    Just want to express my gratitude to all of you who offers such a strong support to my family, with your prayers and encouraging words it lighten up the burdens we are feeling. We will be flying tonight going to the Philippines to attend to my brother's funeral.

    Please include us in your prayers especially my children, for them not to catch the h1n1 virus that is going around the country. Thank you all once again!

  19. Mama Hilda, Sheilla,
    Thank you.

    I pray for your family safely until back home. Take care on the way.

  20. I love the 5 things which make you proud.

    Indonesian society is quite alike to Indian society where family values are greatly emphasized. I am so happy your parents are living with you. Its according to the teachings of the Bible too. We are commanded to honor are father and mother.

    The pictures are so sweet.

    Is Ely you daughter?

  21. Amrita,
    Thank you. Yes, I also feels like that because I also have a friend from India, his name Feroz. My blogging friend, Ramana Rajgopaul, who given me the award above also from India. He also have a post about living together with his father. You will find a lot of valuable posts there.

    Yes, Ely is my daughter (first child)

  22. You are a good father. I am so happy for you, Tikno. You are a good example to other fathers. :)

  23. thats so sweet and simply amazing
    its nice to be here iin your blog i love your post!!!
    have a great day and happy blogging


  24. Congratulations on being a father!

  25. congrats on becoming a dad!

  26. ikut berbahagia mas... namanya belum dipulblish nih...

  27. May God Bless you and yours. They are indeed beautiful children. Cherish them!

  28. Children are a blessing from God. :)

  29. Congrats on becoming a father :)

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

  30. Hi Tikno - I hadn't realised you had another baby - congratulations! I love your list of things to be proud of - love from Robin

  31. Havin' such things as u mentioned above would be pleasing to everyone...

  32. Grace,
    I'm not perfect, just always tries to be a good father. Thanks for compliment.

    Thanks. Wishing you to come back again.

    Ebie, Life Rambling, and Indrani, thank you very much.

    Sudah tuh. Nggak di baca ya...

    Thank you. May God also bless you and family.

    absolutely true.

    Mei Teng,
    You are welcome.

    Now you should realized it ha..ha...
    Ely is my first child. I'm using her name for this blog.

    Thank you. Wishing you do the same by writing a post on your blog.

  33. congrats tikno! Bless your heart for being a father.

  34. Pearl,
    Thank you. Will you write of yours?

  35. I am be proud of too with your those five things. Well, congratulation for your award.

  36. Tikno: Congratulation on adding a son to your linage.

  37. Fishing guy,
    Thank you. Whether in western also gave a little focus on the lineage from son?

  38. Good things to be proud of.
    A sweet baby to enrich your family and your lives.

  39. Glennis,
    Absolutely. Thank you.

  40. Does not matter if the Child is boy or girl, just being the bast dad you can makes you a great father... If others say things then it is their problem not yours... You have beautiful children and hopefully one day they will grow to be great adults...

  41. JK, I also think like you. It does not matter whether the child is boy or girl. Thank for your encouraging words. Happy Independence Day to you.

  42. oh this is one beautiful little girl mr. tikno!
    how great that when she is older, she will have these precious pictures of herself, her mom and dad and here dear grandparents!
    little lovely!

    how good it is that you are in harmony with your brothers and sisters and that you have made a home for your mom and dad.!

    nice to see you over at the sisterhood of the traveling scarf and now before i go, i want to go and see your pictures of alexander...
    god bless you.....from terry..

  43. Terry,

    Thank you so much. I always try to make a series of photo documentation for them, from birth to adulthood, so they could have their archive of beautiful memories. Hopefully, always remember to their parents.

    I always try to create a home-sweet-home for my parents since I felt that I CANNOT repay their love. Especially for this point, I had created a post titled "Mother and Child - an essay" at

  44. Sounds lime you're doing all the right things, Tikno. May your life continue to be blessed with success and happiness.

  45. Russell - Thank you. Hope always like this, ha.. ha...

  46. You are really blessed and being thankful and proud makes you happy. God blesses those who are grateful.


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