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About me

I'm Tikno, living in Indonesia, father of two children, married with my beloved wife, Feli. I dedicate my writings to my family and you all. Hopefully, you enjoy reading my articles as I always try to write original posts.Foregoing, thank you so much for reading and commenting on this blog, something that is expected by many authors. It's better to know me through my writings rather than just my name.



  1. Saya berkunjung mas, Tikno. Salam kenal, sukses.

  2. Terimakasih Alris. Salam kenal juga.

  3. Gee, they both are thát sweet, cute and just wonderful.

    Congratulations to you and your wife with these two treasures of happiness. May they be happy all their life.

  4. hehehe, anaknya lucu banget :lol:
    oiya, salam kenal pak

  5. Hello Prasta, terimakasih dan salam kenal juga. Semoga Anda senang membaca posting-posting yang saya tulis.

  6. Salam kenal Bung Tikno.. posting-postingnya menarik.. Cheers.

  7. Terimakasih Pak Yansen. Salam kenal juga.

  8. Anonymous04 June, 2010

    I hope soon to have children, so she could compete with you guys ... hehehe

  9. Hi Kiki, I've got two. If you wish to compete with me then you must have twin baby ha... ha...

  10. wah, bahasa inggris smua ya pak.. mantaB.. :)

  11. They are beautiful. How old are they now? Could you tell us more about them?

  12. Dewi,
    Terimakasih sudah mampir.

    Cheerful Monk,
    Ely (female) was my first child. July this year signed playgroup. Alex was 14 month. Almost each night I see them sleeping and sometimes they makes me smile in calm and peace at night. They are my biggest wealth. :)

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  14. Tikno, Omegetymon. I hope that YOU and FAMILY are safe from the magma.

  15. Hi Anna, thank you so much for your invitation. I should try it.

    Hi Omegetymon (D'Ellis), I still don't understand of what are you mean about magma. Can you explain it more?

  16. hello,
    bisa minta alamat jro putu saya suk?
    papa saya mau berobat di sana

  17. @ Anonymous,
    Jl. Kartini, Perumahan Taman Sekar, No. B.61, Tabanan - Bali (masuk dari samping Dunkin Donut).
    Rumahnya agak masuk ke dalam. Kalau kesulitan tanyakan saja pada warga sekitar.

    Semoga dapat membantu. Boleh saya tahu siapa Anda?

  18. thx infonya suk,
    saya agung, dr malang
    salam kenal

  19. Hello Tikno,

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  20. @ Michel Gerard,
    Thank you very much for your offer. I think Google AdSense is enough for me. Just say it's a form of reciprocal from me to Google because I'm blogging through Blogspot for free.

  21. salam kenal ma tikno...mengapa artikelnya semua bahasas inggris mas..? tp saya jadi tambah pintar bahasa inggris baca artikelnya

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  23. @ Yuritna,
    Thank you to invite me to a contest for blogger. It sounds interesting, but I don't know how to participate in a contest for blogger.

  24. Pak Tikno ...
    saya datang berkunjung kesini ...
    dan saya tersenyum melihat dokumentasi yang rajin dikumpulkan oleh Pak Tikno ...

    saya yakin ...
    suatu saat nanti jika Alex dan Ely sudah besar ... akan sangat senang melihat perkembangan mereka

    Very Nice Pak

    Salam saya

  25. @ nh18,
    Terimakasih udah mampir. Salam juga buat Anda & keluarga

  26. Hello, Great FRIEND!!! A long past due visit from "OM". I PRAY that ELY and ALEX have grown to their PARENTS' Wealth of FAITH and Beauties after these many stories told. You have given me many lessons of HOW a FATHER trades his youth for the GOLDS of LOVE. I appreciate the ore.
    May your fingers never tire, and your thoughts be as true as I've KNOWN them.
    Peace and MUCH JOY.


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