10 October 2010

Islamic law - whether it is about a choice

Before you continues to read this post, please read the brief history of Aceh, until Tsunami disaster happened and finally get a special autonomy right from Indonesian central government.

For years the Indonesian military has struggle to fight against what we call Gerakan Aceh Merdeka / GAM (English: Free Aceh Movement) who want to establish an Islamic state and impose Sharia law in Aceh province. This proves that Indonesia do not wanting Islamic state system because Indonesia is a country based on the laws (national law), democratic, consist of various ethnic groups, has 6 official religion, with national motto: Unity in diversity, not an Islamic state that implement Sharia law.

However, this war has caused many casualties and was not offering the civil order, harmony, and security for millions of civilians in Aceh. I say thousands of victims as a side effect of war, not just a matter of the position of a woman as reported by Jakarta Globe with the title "Women Unfit to Lead, says Acehnese District Council Chairman". And I quoted a paragraph below:
"According to Shariah, a woman is prohibited from becoming a leader. Ridwan said Anisah’s appointment as subdistrict chief in April had caused a rift in the community, with one side supporting her and the other against her".

Seemingly what was reported by the Jakarta Globe is to remind us (especially to Indonesian people outside Aceh) that if Islamic law applies, then this is the consequences that must be accepted. That was a good reminder I think.

A case will get different treatment depending on the context, degree, and its level. If we speak in a personal level, then the caning and the prohibition for women to be an official in Aceh province is pathetic. If we are talking in the context of state administration and law, then what happened in Aceh is a matter of choice. They have chosen Sharia law in Aceh province, not because of the Indonesian government. They have the right to choose Sharia law but those outside Aceh also have the right to reject the implementation of Sharia law. That woman are actually problems with the rules applicable there but she also have the option to live outside Aceh. I think this is a better solution to avoid more victims instead of continuing to impose our principles or belief.

The puzzle is: while they have the right to choose the Sharia law, then should the Indonesian military continue to eradicate their rights? If yes, then I am sure America will be screaming about human rights, while on the one side are also allergic to Islamic law.

Like China and Hong Kong - one country two systems, which it showing the eastern wisdom.