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The Three Malady Of A Man

On Saturday ago, when I accompany and entertaining best customers at a nightclub, I met my two best friends there. Then we gathered together at the bar, ordering beers and then... Cheers! Ha..ha... very enjoyable to drink together with friends, especially with the atmosphere full of music, lots of beautiful night worker ladies, spreading their charm, cheerfulness and smile (maybe just theatrical smile from the sadness heart, I think). My wife knows it so I don't have to worry ha..ha...(Psst... I said this is business interests).

While chat together, one of friends asking me an interesting question, and our chat are as below (translated in English):
Friend : "Tikno, did you know the three malady of a man? For no.1 and 2, I will pay it for you but for no.3... I will quit."
Me : "Ha..ha... another temptations. Why you are ready paying for no.1 and 2 but not to no.3? what's that?", I shouted.
Friend : "No.1 is drunkard. Money still safe until sprawl". Immediately other friend shouted "Agree! Let us drunk, we get a sponsor now", ha..ha...
Me : "What is no.2 ?, hope sponsorship again"
Friend : (shouted with loud) "No.2 is playboy!. The money still safe because you will tired at the end of the game". Then we appoint to one another and shouted : "You are playboy!" and everyone laugh with loud ha..ha...
Me : "And... what is no.3, which it make you quit?"
Friend : "No.3 is gambler! All money finished until grass root and the rest only a pants". (Then all roar with laughter).

Hmm... just a light story of the madness male group for the night. After midnight we went home and all illusion has ended. Just temporary pleasure, because the real pleasure was when I arrived at home I saw my wife waiting for me. According to you lady, what is the fourth malady of a man? Surely you have amazing reply. So, be careful man ha..ha...

Pssst ... below is a song that reminds me to the madness night.


  1. hahaha.....I enjoyed those jokes but this part of your writing, I like most:-

    "....because the real pleasure was when I arrived at home I saw my wife waiting for me."

    Home is where your 'Honey' is!

  2. HoneyBUZZ,
    What is the next malady according to you? Say it to men and don't worry.

  3. Mm, Entertaining customers in night club. I like it...

    Sori, gak terlalu pandai english.

  4. sama saja nggak mau keluar uang ya mas... wahaha... kecian yang nomer tiga...

  5. Wkwkwkwk is so very funny. Thank 4 come to my place my friends

  6. what an entertaining post you have here .... Tq for visiting my blog and for the link too

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  8. hmm, great pleasure man and nice joking. salam

  9. Wew..
    What a lucky husband.. :D

  10. come to answer ur question tik!
    those web are not expensive, believe me!

  11. that was funny but so true. gambling will bury you alive. thanks for dropping by my blog, TIKNO. =)

  12. Entertaining customers, eh? Well that's the kind of job I would have liked to have myself. Especially if the entertaining could have been executed at the hot spot where one meets one's friends after the customers have passed out .

    I envy you (though I think I would have preferred to have Saturday nights off).

    (On second thought: this of course is a pretty funny post.But actually it's a serious subject you tackle here. With some awkward implications about the mores in business).

  13. Anthony Harman,
    Nomor penyakit yang keberapa yang kamu paling suka?

    Ini bukan masalah uang tapi secara tidak langsung saya ingin memberikan suatu renungan.

    Harry seenthing,
    Sama-sama friend.

    Thank you. Just a link to be ponder.

    Unfortunately watching cinema movie is not my hobby, except for documentary film such as on BBC Knowledge, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, or Animal Planet.

    Paid pleasure!

    Budi Hermanto,
    Yes, I'm lucky man.

    Henny Y.Capretya,
    I will consider.

    Pink Lady,
    Did you knew another malady for a man? Ha.. ha...

    Hmmm... you like it? Maybe no.2 is a fortune number for you, ha..ha... Seems, entertaining customers is the great formula but officially not taught in schools. Right?

    This post is actually about the matter of life but mixed with fun. I see all ladies here not yet say of what's the next malady of a man. Maybe they were afraid get a complaint from you man, ha.. ha...

  14. Hi there my friend, hope your doing well, and I hope your having a great day...

  15. Whoaaa.. it seems that u're a real family man :)

  16. nice joke, but I definitely agree with HoneyBuzz, this part of your post is the best...
    "....because the real pleasure was when I arrived at home I saw my wife waiting for me."
    however..home is the best place and the best remedy for all problems...

  17. Loved the joke too. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and your kind words. Your blog is very nice too :)

  18. Tikno, I quote from my latest post -"I used to live for the nights that I would never remember, with the friends that I would never forget!”

    I have had many nights like that my friend. Who knows? May be, one day, we shall do it together!!

  19. Hello there Tikno! We got back since Sunday but wasn't able to visit blogs till now. They got sick (diarrhea) except me. We actually brought our son to the hospital today because he is fevered (still is till now.).

    I would like to thank you all for the wonderful and encouraging words you said and left at my blogs. For the sympathy and prayers, and for those who shared their blessings to the family! May God bless you all for your compassionate hearts!

  20. JK, thank you, friend.

    Jiewa, of course, and I should thank to God for it.

    Eugene, thanks bro...

    Mrs Irontius Lou, thank you. Did you have any idea for the next malady of a man?

    Ailurophile, thank you.

    Rummuser, my friend, let Cheers!
    Who knows? May be, one day, I'm flying to India and drink with you.

    Rajesh, thank you.

    Chubskulit, brought your son to the hospital is the right step. Trust, your son will recover soon.
    But... why only you that not get diarrhea?

    Marsudiyanto, wah... susah juga jawabnya. Ada nggak yang nomor 4?

  21. hahahaha... nice.. really

    and so you do enjoy the night life. Jadi kangen juga :D

    aniway, thanks for coming to my blog :)

  22. Ferry Prima, I'm initially just for lobbying, then met friends, he..he...

  23. Ada yang bilang Mo Limo (5 M), Mabok (miras), Madon (main perempuan), madat (pemarah), maling (mencuri/korupsi), main (berjudi).

    Itulah penyakit manusia versi lama Mas Tikno, ada juga yang bilang 3 Ta (Tahta, wanita dan harta).

  24. duh mas tikno jangan kebanyakan minum yah nanti di omelin sama rhoma irama :d

  25. the next malady? hmmm...

    no idea. it took me minutes to answer.

    but i guess it's when you don't maximize all those three, you will be ripped off.

  26. the next malady? hmmm...

    no idea. it took me minutes to answer.

    but i guess it's when you don't maximize all those three, you will be ripped off.

  27. Seno - coba Mas Seno buat postingnya, pasti menarik.

    Harianku - iya... katanya jangan begadang kalo tiada artinya. Tapi yg ini ada artinya lho...

    Haris - maximize? ha..ha...

    Sang Cerpenis - apanya yg lucu?

  28. He..he.. udah banyak yang posting tentang molimo Mas Tikno :)

    BTW Mungkin saja bayangan jacko itu adalah effect camera ya Mas Tikno

  29. Seno - Bisa jadi, karena sesuatu yg luar biasa di saat yang tepat memiliki nilai jual untuk menarik pemirsa.
    Hmm... kalau begitu posting tentang lima hal yang membuat Seno bangga selama menjalani hidup. Seperti posting saya berjudul: "Five Things I'm Proud Of"

  30. that's right, gambling will make all of your money gone, and make you cry :D

  31. you're wife is just like me. waiting for my husband to come home whenever he's out with friends. lucky husbands! lol!

  32. Good to know you have such and understanding and supportive wife ;-)

  33. Jimmy - Usually a man rarely to cry. The ultimate dangerous is if selling wife. Right?

    Rossel - Are you not feel lucky to have your husband? lol!

    RennyBA - May be I am just lucky :D

  34. Thank you for visiting my blog and congratulations on your new son.

  35. Tulsa Gentleman - you are welcome. :)

  36. hihi! :)

    Thanks for sharing

  37. Ju Ann - why you laughing? What is funny? ha.. ha...

  38. malady of man? i don't understand...

    thanks for visiting my site, tikno!

    have a good day!

  39. Ness - Thank you, and welcome to my blog.

  40. Fuih..exciting experience. Btw don't drink too much and don't try this at home, but try this at your friend home.
    Nice to send comment here.

  41. waw..very excited experience..good job bro

  42. Rumah Ide,
    I will not try it at my friend's house but in a public place like a bar / cafe.

    Yeah... very excited.

  43. haduh kurang ngerti kalo pake bahasa inggris. hehe


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