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HIV / AIDS - Shame Or Disease

Bloggers unite on World AIDS Day
The first known case of HIV in Indonesia was in a foreign tourist in Bali in 1987, and now has reached a level that is very concerned. According to State Minister of Development Planning / Chairperson of the National Development Planning Agency (Indonesian : Menteri Negara Perencanaan Pembangunan/Kepala Bappenas), Paskah Suzetta, in 2004, AIDS cases are only found in 16 provinces, but at the end of the year 2007 the same case was found in 32 provinces in Indonesia.

Personally, I see there was a paradigm in eastern culture (including Indonesia) that should be overcome particularly to the matters related to sexually transmitted disease, that is:
  1. Shame if being infected by the HIV / AIDS because it was considered the venereal disease, therefore the sufferer tended to close himself.
  2. Shame to be known had adulterous.
  3. There was the opinion who said that the action of distributing condom was indirectly legalizing free sex.
  4. Shame to meet doctor or carry out the blood test for the problem related to sexual.
  5. Woman tend to succumb in the usage of contraception and men tend to be reluctant to use condom.
  6. There are the embarrassed feeling if must buy a condom in a shop.
Paradigm above, according to me enough for impede the prevention of HIV / AIDS epidemic. Also to the people who infected by HIV / AIDS, I beg you not doing a revenge to spread your disease to other people. I will proudly salute if you willing to protect our fellow who is still healthy. I pray to the God to see your noble effort.

To find out about HIV / AIDS, click here. To find the services for HIV / AIDS in Indonesia, click here.
This post is part of Bloggers Unite for World AIDS Day.


  1. Shame or Disease? I think it will depends on how the person get it. Have a nice day, Tikno.

  2. An addition to Grace comment, it also depends on how the person feel about themselves.
    For those who have the HIV positives, don't give your life easily, we will find the cure someday.
    For those who didn't have it, let's help find the cure and don't treat our brother and sister who have it like strangers but love them more to show there's always hope.

  3. kalo mau aman jauhi sex bebas :)

  4. Tikno, If there is one problem in the world that is understated in its prevalence, that is AIDS. I would take whatever figures official statements indicate and quadruple it. The world will pay a very high price with rapidly declining population in many parts of the world due to this. This will happen in the next ten to fifteen years.

    Whatever we can do to address this issue, will not be enough. My son is deeply involved in a program where we stay. It is mind blowing as to how frightening it is.

  5. Thanks for sharing this info to all ---I think it's a disease.

  6. dear Tikno,
    sometimes I feel regret with the mindset of many of society which lack of knowledge and have a bad habit like you've mention above. the prevention of HIV is sometimes not as easy as we thought, especially in the development countries. Maybe I should write about it in my next posting

  7. Say "NO" to free sex...just as Lyla said.

  8. Religy has a big support to reduce it. Early Sex education is important too.

    BTW how is Samarinda now?

  9. Dear tikno, I think loyalty is the best policy. Once you are loyal to your partner no disease will occurred and of course no pre-marital sex if you are single. Wait until you get married.

    Anyway, long time no hear from you. Thanks for leaving a lot of comments in my blog.

    Send my regards to your wife and your kids.

    Check my new post: Prepare for the world disaster. Http:

  10. I you have read my last post about chastity, you probably will know why it is important to preserve ourselves only for the person we are legally married to. If each of us can make a difference start within ourselves it will be a big thing that may change some people's lives that looks after our examples.

    The problem is some people think they have all the freedom to do what they want, they haven't realized that they let themselves become slave of their own sin. Nice issue!!!

  11. Dear Grace,
    I mean, no matter how the person get it, don't be shame, face the reality and participating to help the healthy person.
    Dear Aldhis,
    Good appeal to not gazed at them as the foreigner who must be avoided. Thank you.
    Dear Lyla,
    Yes, I agree with you. For safety... avoid free-sex.
    But... ???
    Dear Rummuser,
    Your statement are well-founded. However we must always give any effort to prevent it. Salute to your son.

    I think we should bring a comprehension that AIDS is not always related to the sex disease, so the sufferer should not have the feeling of shame. They should facing it and go to the doctor.
    Dear Bingkee,
    Yes, you are right. This is a disease that should be faced, don't feel shame.
    Dear Niar,
    You already digging into this post. You are right! The wrong mindset about AIDS and lack of knowledge, moreover having a bad behavior also impede the prevention of HIV.
    Dear HoneyBUZZ,
    I'm glad if everyone could do that.
    Dear Seno,
    You are right.
    Sadly, flood happening twice here. Now the city become normal again. Thank you for your attention.
    Dear Maria,
    NO pre-marital sex if you are single??? and WAIT until you get married??? Hmm... maybe you use an idealism approach.
    Your regards has arrived to them, thank you so much and I will read your post there.
    Dear WhiteShadow,
    Continue the faith and help preventing AIDS to the next generation.
    You have a good blog to inspiring everyone.

  12. ups,bhs inggris semua!?

    pastinya support buat 'save sex' ajah...
    wah kasus pertamanya di bali ya!? ouwww...

  13. Dear Belly Wijaya,
    Thanks for your comment

  14. setuju ama mba lyla...
    klo kata saya mah satu2nya cara terbaik :)

  15. Yeah....let's keep healthy sex...not free sex......

  16. that's the facts...sometime our high context culture become our burden to solve the 'real problems' ...why we have to shame to buy condom..?? but we don't shame to buy rain coat...condom and rain coat all the prevent from sickness...isn't it ???

  17. Waduh! semuanya koment pake bahasa Inggris. Jadi binun mo koment apa.
    Inggrisku belepotan sih. Kabuur aja deh.

  18. maybe we can do something, even a small thing, just to inform other poeple about HIV/AIDS by blogging activity,,

    nice post dear :D

  19. nice posting, n happy... world aids day 08.

  20. stay away from the disease not from the person who got aids

  21. masalah sosial seperti ini seharusnya ditanggulangi bersama, bukan individu atau hanya sebuah kelompok saja.

    siapa saja bisa terkena, tdk pandang usia dan tdk perduli bagaimana mendapatkan penyakit ini.

    ini sudah menjadi mslh dunia & global, sudah sepantasnya kita ikut berpartisipasi menanggulangi :)

    salam ;)

  22. Dear Ananto, hmm.... you also support Lyla's comment to avoid free-sex. I hope it will become reality for everyone.
    Dear Srex Aswinto, the simplest way for healthy sex is use condom.
    Dear Djoko Wahjuadi, you have capture my mind exactly. An interesting analogy about condom and rain coat. Thank you.
    Dear Fatamorgana, thank you for coming.
    Dear Perempuan, sometimes small effort can make different. Thank you.
    Dear Choen, thank you.
    Dear Sanyo, nice sentence, thank you.
    Dear Nara, you right, this has become global issue.

  23. It's undeniable that suffer HIV/AIDS is shameful. Cos HIV/AIDS is close to some negative things such as drugs (especially injection usage) and free sex. But actually the case is not always like that. That's why we must change our people mindset and let's begin with ourselves :)
    Avoid the disease not the people who suffer it

  24. tetap hal tersebut harus ditanggulangi oleh semua pihak :)

  25. Dear Namada, you caught this article mind with well.
    Dear BloggerAddicter, welcome! Long time not to see you.

  26. Dear Tikno, If the world had responded quickly to the AIDS epidemic like it did to the financial crisis there would be far less disease and no shame.

    Today there are drugs and plans that can solve the AIDS crisis, but leaders must act.

    The global society must respond to the disease through eduction, testing and treatment. Then worry about the shame.

    Thanks for a great post and a wonderful blog overall!

  27. Dear Tikno, If the world had responded quickly to the AIDS epidemic like it did to the financial crisis there would be far less disease and no shame.

    Today there are drugs and plans that can solve the AIDS crisis, but leaders must act.

    The global society must respond to the disease through eduction, testing and treatment. Then worry about the shame.

    Thanks for a great post and a wonderful blg overall!

  28. Dear Kat, I agree with you, leaders must act!

    You also have a wonderful site at:
    and will visit it regularly.

  29. Dear Tikno, I enjoyed your article and salute you. You have made a very valid point. It matters not how the disease is spread but what matters is to remove the shame. If people will get help as soon as possible this will help stop the spread of AIDS. One sad fact is that there are people who willingly spread the disease as a way of revenge.

  30. The only shame on AIDS is if they gt it through injecting with needles for drug abuse.

    As far as sex, is a natural human behavior. Nothing to be ashamed of. Although, you should always be aware on who you do it with.

    Better be cautious than sorry.

    -Nurse Jen Doll

  31. Hi!
    Shame or disease?
    anyway, It is just a way to tell us to becareful in this world. Some people don't do sex and they become HIV positive.

    Nice blog.

  32. i hope that thru ads and event awareness people will learn.

  33. I agree with grace and aldhis, often change sex partner is the biggest possible of getting effected. consider the clean play or hygiene. using condom is not 100%, and not feel comfortable also. to avoid HIV, stay away from free sex...

  34. Pake kondom ngk enak, Saya suka sex tapi tidak suka sex bebas.. hehehe.. .

  35. Our situations are almost same. In Muslims world it is both Shame as well as disease. In our village recently a patient died from AIDS, but till death he didn't tell any one about it.

  36. Rasanya sex bebas sulit untuk diberantas...karena menyangkut moral individu masing-masing
    Bagaimanapun juga saya tetap setuju:
    "Katakan tidak pada sex bebas"

  37. Great post. Immoral sex with a man or woman is like making love to a deadly scorpion or spider! You are making love to death itself. Check it in my blog.

  38. Dear Ettarose, you captured my thoughts with exactly. You also have a lovely blog for humanitarian: "The Voices" at:
    A lot of wonderful post there. Salute to you too.
    Dear nurse Jen Doll, I think you are more realistic. I agree with you : "Better be cautious than sorry", but my addition is always use condom.
    Being a nurse is a noble job.
    Dear Lunaticg, I know some people become HIV positive through another way, not only sex. In this post I share my observation about a social stigma / paradigm against AIDS.
    Dear The donG, another good way to raise the awareness.
    Dear Dede, I amazed if everyone can stay away from free sex. That is a good way.
    Dear Kristina, wishing you kindly distribute it with free.
    Dear Edi Psw, I support you!
    Dear Andi8lumut, that is a good way.
    Dera Pk-phography ( Birdy ), welcome from Pakistan.
    Feel sad when reading your last sentence. Thanks for sharing. We should overcome or change these social stigma, that is AIDS not always considered to negative things, so don't be shame. AIDS is like other disease that should be treated.
    Dear Yopan Prihadi, I support your campaign: "Say no for free-sex"
    Dera Nuke, very interesting comment! I will visit your blog.

  39. I think no matter how a person gets it, they will feel ashamed of it, because they know how the majority of people will wrongly assume they got it. But the truth is, it could have been just one person, even just the first person someone has been with. And it could have been transmitted in other ways than sexually, even if those ways are rare. The stigma around the subject will hopefully reduce as people become more knowledgeable.

    ~ Kristi

  40. paling aman jangan sembarang... setia dgn pasangan aja deh :)

  41. Dear Kristi, I hope the government actively to change the negative social stigma to become more proportional.
    Dera Lyla, I'll be grateful if each person can be faithful to own spouse.

  42. Hey man thanks for the visit... sex is not the only cause of having the disease, somebody who has can give it to you without knowing and when a person has it, they're ashamed because everyone think that they got it from S.

  43. HIV victims shouldn't be ashmaed of it, they should be barve enough to go to the doctor and seek medical attention..

  44. AIDS.... Scary!

    I have an award for you re: amazing blogger..

  45. Dear Joops, you are true. Thank for your comment.
    Dear Misty / Chubskulit, Thanks for your comment and award.

  46. mr tikno, great info you have :D

    tks for your sharing

  47. hi there...hmmmm too many comments, makes my comment doesnt really matter to you. haha

  48. no its not at all a shame..
    this disease might b a mistake or result of carelessness.
    but then again if you have to live with shudnt b with shame atleast..
    it is the way things are.

  49. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  50. Dear Perempuan, thank you.
    Dear Akhyari, I really appreciate your comment.
    Dear Joiedevivre, I like your word: "carelessness".

  51. STOP diskriminasi...perbanyak sosialisasi dan edukasi...ODHA bukan setan gentayangan yang harus dijauhi..right?

  52. Dear Tikno,

    Because of the powerful political pull of a very large group in the USA, HIV is the ONLY contagious disease in the USA that does not have to be reported to the authorities.

    It is outrageous that this disease, which is far more deadly than chicken pox or measles, is forbidden to be reported or discussed by our medical community and our health officials.

    It SHOULD NOT BE a matter of "political correctness". This should be treated straight-forward as a deadly disease, NOT as an exception to the rule.

    Exactly 19 years ago, a man who had just been told he was positive for AIDS, tried to stab me with a contaminated needle when I drew his blood. Fortunately, I was able to jerk my hand and arm away from him in time, and recover the syringe.

    I have since discovered, in my medical career, numerous cases of AIDS-infected patients DELIBERATELY infecting as many people as they can. SAD!

    This global growth of the disease would not have occurred if AIDS/HIV had been treated as the deadly diseases that they are, rather than being given the preferential (and hazardous)"silent" treatment.

    Your friend,

  53. Dear getAds, yes, stop discrimination against people with AIDS.

    Dear Brennan Kingsland,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences on this issue. You are right, HIV / AIDS is a deadly disease like cancer, tuberculosis, dengue fever, which must be treated immediately and transparent. I hate people who deliberately transmit their diseases to other people.

    Very interesting comment!
    Your friend,

  54. It does not matter how you contract the virus. There should be no shame in being HIV+. The Shame comes from those who stigmatize those who are HIV+ and seek to marginalize them from the rest of society.

    I agree with those who have said that the available statistics do not reflect the true nature of the problem.

    I also believe that there will be a viable vaccine and eventually a cure. The conspiracy theorist in me says that the big pharmaceutical companies will do whatever they can to slow down and delay the process as they are making a killing (pun intended) on ARVs.

    HIV is in the sense of this post a manageable disease. With the right medications those who are HIV+ can live long and fruitful lives. A HIV+ person can still make valuable contributions to society and the communities in which they live.

    The idea of jauhi sex bebas and abstinence are honourable intentions but naive, as it is clear that that the temptations are too great for a great many and they simply do not work.

    The key to slowing down the infection rate is education. Educating from a young age the ins and outs of sex and the threat of STDS.

    This might scare the crap out of some and they may even abstain from sex altogether and save themselves for marriage. For the others, at least they are forewarned and therefore forearmed.


    Excellent post in terms of sparking a frank and open discussion. I like your style :D

  55. Dear Rob Baiton,

    Your comment from the great thoughts and very objective.

    You are right, education is the key. Like Kikolani (Kristi) said: "The stigma around the subject will hopefully reduce as people become more knowledgeable".

    Hopefully pharmaceutical companies able to find a vaccine or medicine to fight HIV with powerful, and this epidemic will decrease drastically. Perhaps the use of condom still the best way, at least for short term.

    Very interesting comment!

  56. Sepakat dengan kang seno dan mbak Lyla

  57. Dear Erik, I also agree with Seno, also with Rob Baiton, Kat and others, who focused to education for overcome these disease.

    But avoiding free-sex is too naive. In this case, I interest on comment from Rob Baiton.


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