30 October 2008

Money For Nothing But For Financial Crisis

What is money? Many joke about money. For me, an ordinary man, says "Money is my payment's tools for get some goods and services". Conversely for those who receive my money. So simple and beautiful. Probably you said that is conservative models, but I say this is THE REAL TRADING.

I have a very rich friend and I know he like to observe the figures in the stock exchange through the computer, because he also the stock exchange player. By chance we met in a restaurant and he ask me for gather together. Most of our discussions are about the global financial crisis, because that was the hottest issue. From the fall of the share price and index figures in several world stock exchanges to the reaction of several countries for rescue it. From all of our discussions, there was an interesting part which I want to share in this article (translated in English):
Me : "Still playing the share in stock exchange?"
He : "Scarce at lately because the situation was uncertain"
Me : "How is your view for the share at stock exchange now?"
He : "Huh... like swimming in turbid water, difficult to see its direction"
Me: "Ever had bitter experience?"
He : "I lost almost Rp. 5,800,000,000 in several minutes", he said lightly.
(Wow... a fantastic number for me, huh...)
Me : "Then, what has you get with such money?"
He : "Hm... nothing, just disappear like the wind" he said while breathing.
Me : "Please stop, your wealth could be finished", I said with joking.
And... he gave the amazing answer, like this:
He : "I thought, I did not disrupt my family life. All the family needs has been fulfilled, moreover I opened a deposit account in a bank which its interest more than enough for them. I only using my excess money because I liked the challenge"

Long time I imagine for what he said above. The group of people like him (I calls it the "gambler group") spent money not for anything, only to play the "figures" at the stock exchange computer (I calls it the bookie). On the other hand, the country spent its public's money only to rescue the "figures" too. It's crazy! Gambler lose + bookie panic = rescued by public's money. Incredibly! The fluctuation of stock exchange index figures also was determined by the "gambler group". No certain formulas for determining the "value" of trading in the stock exchange. All by estimating the supply and demand then mixing with lustful + greed + gambling spirits. Did this group of people plays a big role in global financial crisis? Please musing it!

My friend, if you read this article, you know that I'm not write your name.
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24 October 2008

Capital Punishment Against Bali Bombers

Last night, when I watching TV, I be attracted with the news about capital punishment against the main performers of the Bali Bombings incident. According to "TV One" (one of the Indonesian TV broadcasting), on October 24, 2008 (means today), the Indonesian attorney general will announce the execution plan for them. Faced that announcement, their family will put forward the re-consideration through their lawyer team next week.

Yes, according to the law, they were guilty and must be punished. But the capital punishment is equivalent with splitting the soul from the body. My big question is "Whether these world must have the capital punishment?" I don't know!

Photo: The Bali bombing memorial on the site of Paddy's Pub.
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21 October 2008

The Essence Of Blogging

Previously... when I browsing on the internet, I often faced with the passive site, which it only gave one-way communication. Read and finish, afterwards gone to other site (also read and finished). The only things that could be done was, click "Contact Us" and sent a message to the author.

Later... emerged the messenger's technology, like mIRC, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Messenger, etc. (referred to "chatting"). Indeed this the two-way communication, but still not enough to keep tons of our thought and idea permanently.

Now... by using the service from Blogspot, Wordpress, TypePad, LiveJournal, etc. it create a cyberspace with more live and enjoy. Anyone could share the thoughts, idea, story, and interact with each other in manner of two-ways. Moreover there are those who wrote "Welcome to my home" in a blog. I feel like visiting my neighbor although they were very far from me. I thought cyberspace has been get up from the the silence night with the existence of blogosphere.

In this opportunity, I wanted to share several blog / site which I often visit it, perhaps you also like to visit them, that is:
  1. Wikipedia, here you can search a lot of good information. May be become your inspiration to write an article.
  2. Greenpeace International, for you who cares about environment.
  3. Asia Pacific Solidarity Network, here you can get information around the Asia-Pacific.
  4. Indonesian Politics, you can read a lot of abstracts of books about Indonesian politics.
  5. Ramana's Musings, find good musing in this blog. The author have very well thoughts from his experience and you can discuss various matters with him.
  6. Set Our Teachers Free, a blog which dedicated to education problems.
  7. Personal Reflections, the owner of this blog have wide experience and his articles was very interesting to be read.
Do not see the origin of the blog above, but see the contents inside. I believe, there are a lot of great blog, in fact the best, but at this moment only that from my limited knowledge. Let me know of another best blog by sharing it in comment. Happy blogging to everyone!

15 October 2008

Blog Action Day 2008 - Spirit To Fight Poverty

The problem of poverty has become global issue and often was used as main material in various debates and discussions. Thousands of programs have been created to oppose poverty, from the levels of individual, government and internationally. Will poverty end??? Today, October 15, 2008, millions blogger around the world, including this blog, creates post about poverty and hope will rise an awareness towards that issue.

There are many definitions about poverty, but I gazed at poverty from three points of view :
1) Absolute Poverty.
If someone unable to fill up the main needs for food, clothes, residence, health, education.
2) Relative Poverty.
Someone that has been at position above from absolute poverty but below the capability of the community around.
3) Cultural Poverty.
This tightly related to the attitude of someone or community who did not want to try (lazy) to improve the standard of living although having efforts from others that wanted to help.

Below is my view to fight poverty :
1) Stop The Economic Embargo.
Stop the economic embargo against the other country, because it related to the living.
2) Programs of Quality Education.
This the long-term aim! Creates quality manpower to be able to compete in the globalization era. It must the quality education!!! Because the low standard education is not on its era now.
3) Create Embarrassed Culture.
Create the embarrassed feelings if unable to support family personally. This feelings also including for the grafter.
4) Create Employment Opportunities.
This one is not my skill. There are a lot of expert and government who know more. I just seeing many unemployment because of narrow employment opportunities.

Next... if you have a "crazy idea" to share with other, feel free to add in comment.

The proverb which I like it:
1. Don't give the fish but gave the fishhook.
2. Grateful for what you owned, if not, you will always feels lack because the human wish has no limit.
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Source of picture : Wikipedia

12 October 2008

Open Letter To All The President

Dear The President
Around the world

I write this open letter because feels sad towards various frightening problems throughout the history of human life, like war, conflict, terrorism, racialism, global warming, and global financial crisis at this time. I only could using this blog as a media to reveal the feelings.

Below was my hope and dream to all The President around the world:
1. The Country Without Military.
Imagine how big the budget for military all over the world? Imagine its effect if it being used for research and programs for food, health, education, environment, including to overcome the global financial crisis at this time. I am sure the results will be more beneficial for the life of human. Why military weapons still being produced and why present generations did not yet regret. The creator of atomic bomb has regretted on his creation. I'm dreaming there are only one military force that is commanded by The United Nations and used only for maintain world peace. Completely remove the military force in all countries, so as all the countries did not need to worry towards the military threat. I'm sure everyone in this world will be happy.

2. Statement of Togetherness Globally.
Human exist before any religion emerged on this earth. The universe exist before the human. And God, Who is The ONE, exist far before the universe, human and any religion. Muse it, who is the owner of my soul, your soul, their soul and the soul of each creature in this world. Only had one owner or many? If one why we must be different??? Discussions or debate that give umbrage to an ethnic, race, religion, physical or gender differences, were an insult towards the creation of the God.

3. Statement of Responsibility To The Next Generations.
A lot of responsibility at present generations of bequeathing a world that was still beautiful to the next generations. One of them are responsibility for environment. Look at the list of animals or plants that were extinct in these century. It is hoped our grandchild directly can be still seeing a panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) or komodo (Varanus komodoensis). How with the nuclear waste, global warming, etc. I realized that this not an easy matters, must be supported globally.

This open letter is coming from my heart and dream and also for The United Nations. Forgive me if having impolite words or incorrect grammar that make some misinterpretation, because English was the second language for me.

With Love and Prayers,
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01 October 2008

Happy Eid ul-Fitr / Selamat Idul Fitri

Happy Eid ul-Fitr to all Muslim brothers and sisters in Indonesia and around the world. I beg you please to forgive me from your inner and outer soul if I have made any mistake to you. At this occasion of Eid ul-Fitr, let our heart be opened each other for FORGIVENESS. Greetings to you all, may God bless all of us.

Selamat hari raya Idul Fitri kepada semua saudara / saudari umat Muslim di Indonesia dan seluruh dunia. Saya memohon maaf lahir dan bathin jika saya telah berbuat salah pada Anda. Pada kesempatan Idul Fitri ini, marilah masing-masing dari kita membuka hati untuk saling MEMAAFKAN. Salam untuk Anda, semoga Tuhan memberkati kita semua.