30 July 2008

Mail from Center for the Advancement of Women organization

When opening my email in Gmail, i felt touched and proud because of getting the letter from "Center for the Advancement of Women" organization, that was related with my article: "Night Worker Ladies". I appealed to the readers to support this organization.


  1. What do you mean by "night worker ladies" in this case? Because in Batam there are so many ladies must work in the night shift as operator in some manufacturing.

  2. As i describe before, for the women who worked in the business of night entertainment (pub, cafe, discotheque, night club, etc), with the task accompanied drank the guests who came for 'pleasure' and make their guests happy.

  3. hey there. well, it really is difficult to be in their place. It is a sad reality. They are taking a huge risk - putting their lives, particularly their health, in peril. They do need proper support that could lead them to have more promising future and better lives.

  4. To: Miss Elle
    Thanks for your support and placed your comment here.


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